Blue Whale Game – How To Download Blue Whale Game – #Iamwhale

Blue Whale Game – How To Download Blue Whale Game – #Iamwhale


What Is Blue Whale How To Download This Game

 The Blue Whale Game The Blue Whale Game (Russian: Синий кит, Siniy kit) also “Blue Whale Challenge”, is {an online|a web} “game” that is {stated|said|believed} to exist in several countries. The game {apparently|presumably} {contains|involves} {a number of|several} tasks {designated|given|allocated} to players by {managers|facilitators|directors} during a 50-day period, with the final {problem|obstacle|concern} requiring the player to commit suicide. The term “Blue Whale” comes from the phenomenon of beached whales, which is {connected|associated} to suicide.

Blue Whale {started out|commenced} in Russia in 2013 with “F57”, one of the names of the so-called “death group” of the VKontakte {interpersonal|sociable|cultural} network, and allegedly {triggered|brought on|induced} its first suicide in 2015. Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student who was expelled from his university, claimed that this individual invented the game. Budeikin {explained} that his goal was to “clean” the society by pushing to suicide those he {considered|regarded} as having no value.


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